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photo by pete murray

Mumblr consists of four friends who share a row home in the gritty neighborhood of Kensington in North Philadelphia. They dub their brand of noisy alternative rock "fuzz punk," a made up genre that will make sense after you hear their raucous songs full of heavily distorted guitars, clamoring drums, and impassioned shouts encouraging you to do whatever you want, whenever you want.

"...ramshackle fuzz-rock...huge slabs of guitar and gang-vocal choruses that storm in to your head and sit there for days. Turn the volume up." 

"With a talented vocalist and fuzz drenched music, Mumblr should be making waves in the Philly punk scene with this upcoming release." 
-The Key

"gloriously obnoxious." 
-Now This Sound is Brave

"Their ability to transition from clean to dirty guitars and still keep the integrity of the song in place is uncanny." 
-Modern Vinyl

"...high energy, genre-spanning rock with a flair for the dramatic." 
-For the Love of Punk

"...aggressive, anthemic, and catchy as hell."

photos by pete murray:

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