GoldFlakePaint Premieres "Got It"

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

by Tom Johnson

Whether it be angst, rage, spirit, spirits or snakes, Philadelphia’s Mumblr are undoubtedly full of something. Wrapped in a glorious mess of undignified fuzz, the band finally unleash their debut album in just a couple of weeks, and if the tracks released from it so far are anything to go by then Full Of Snakes will be one of the most decidedly rampant releases of 2014.

The third track to be released from the forthcoming record is ‘Got It‘, and we’re very pleased to bring you an exclusive listen to it below. What most grabs about the bands latest offering is the build that cautiously creeps up on you; the track teasing and threatening to unravel at any moment before finally letting loose for a blazing final minute that finds front-man Nick Morison screaming “I got it if you want it” in the most unifying manner until the song abruptly departs.

Morrison has said that Got It is about“being a strange, confused young man; feigning confidence and asking people to take him as he is.” Amen to that, brother. We get you.

Play loud/listen (above).


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