Stereogum Premieres "Roach" from Full of Snakes

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

by James Rettig

Mumblr has been kicking around the underground Philly scene for a while now, and it’s hard not to have run into a bill they’re featured on if you’re from the area. Since forming a few years ago, they’ve worked hard to build a dedicated fanbase through non-stop shows and a consistent and solid stream of short releases and DIY recordings. Their debut full-length, Full Of Snakes, comes out in a few weeks and it’s an engaging and first-rate punk record. Increased production values really let the songs breathe and capture the intense energy they have during their live shows. It’d be easy to rattle off a bunch of ’90s bands that Mumblr take inspiration from, but the music they put out is so viscerally enjoyable that none of that really matters. “Roach” is about lead singer Nick Morrison’s fear of passing on his worst traits to his children: “Our spirits don’t fit in the ground, they just get carried around/ Until I pass my sins down.” It’s a common and relatable fear, and one that’s echoed perfectly in the anxiety and frustration expressed through their sound. Listen below.


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